Electrical Steel

Lapham-Hickey is proud to offer a full line of electrical steel products utilizing Cold Rolled Motor Lamination, Non-Oriented, and Grain Oriented Electrical Steel in supporting the transformer, electric motor, shielding and power generation markets throughout North America. 

  • Cold Rolled Motor Lamination – CRML steel containing relatively low amounts of carbon and silicon.  Typically produced for magnetic applications not requiring low core losses. 
  • Non-Oriented Electrical Steel – Silicon steel in which the magnetic properties are relatively the same in any direction or magnetization in the plane of the material.  Suitable for applications where flux may flow in any direction.
  • Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel – Silicon Steel that possess magnetic properties that are oriented with respect to direction of rolling.  Ideal for applications where improved permeability at high flux densities and low core loss are desirable. 

Electrical Steel and Value-Added Services