Intercoat® Chemguard

Intercoat® Chemguard is a RoHS Inter-Reactive Coating using new corrosion-inhibiting and adhesion-enhancing properties.  This product is also referred to as a new class of coatings called High Performance Conversion Coatings (HPCC) and can be applied to coils as thick as .120″ and as wide as 72″ on any zinc coated surface.

Intercoat® Chemguard can be used as a stand-alone corrosion resistant coating and can also be applied as a Pretreatment/Primer that enhances corrosion resistance and improves adhesion of paints.  It can be welded, glued, painted, formed, stamped, and coated with underbody treatments. We have pioneered the development of Intercoat® Chemguard in the school bus and commerical truck industries, providing effective solutions to combat one of your major concerns – RUST!

Tests Measure. We’ve aced them all. Whether it’s the ASTM B117 salt spray test, or humidity chamber testing, or real world performance, nothing protects like Intercoat ChemGuard.

Science Matters. Zinc protects steel, and Intercoat® Chemguard protects zinc through a covalent bond that forms when it comes in contact with galvanized steel. This means it can’t be rubbed off the surface since it’s now part of the zinc coating. And if it gets scratched, the self-healing properties of the product means it won’t spread rust on the surface.

Math Counts. Longer lasting components means less maintenance and repairs from rust damage.