Tube & Structural Laser Cutting

Lapham-Hickey is committed to the latest and greatest tube laser technology. With the 4kw fiber lasers it can cut square, round, rectangular tube, pipe, beam, angle, and channel. It has the ability to produce parts with multiple features such as miters, holes, and slots within a variety of materials. Using a tube laser can help eliminate many manual operations downstream and eliminate chance of rework,

Tube & Structural Laser Cutting Specifications

  • 4kw fiber
  • Maz Round- 9″
  • Max Square- 8″ square/rectangular/structural shapes
  • 27 lbs./ft max
  • 28’ length max in/out
  • Carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum


  • Shot Blasting/Oiling
  • Weld
  • Powder Coat Paint