Strip Steel

Lapham-Hickey Steel delivers high-performing cold rolled and hot rolled strip steel that can be used to fabricate a wide variety of products including automotive components, household appliances and building materials. We offer a range of quality tempers in a variety of sizes.

What is cold rolled strip steel?

Cold rolled strip steel is scale-free hot rolled steel processed through cold rolling, annealing, slitting, and edging. Thickness is determined either by direct cold rolling or other methods, and the final product is cut into strips of specific widths.

What is hot rolled strip steel?

Hot rolled strip steel is a versatile low carbon steel available pickled or unpickled, and manufactured to tight tolerances. Lapham-Hickey hot rolled strip steel comes in a wide range of grades and qualities.

Strip Steel Applications

Lapham-Hickey’s cold rolled and hot rolled strip steel feature tight tolerances, consistent mechanical and chemical properties, and are designed and developed to meet your specific requirements. Use Lapham-Hickey cold and hot rolled strip steel for a variety of industrial applications including but not limited to:

  • Body panels
  • Automotive parts
  • Tubes
  • Refrigerators
  • Wash machines
  • Dryers
  • Building materials
  • Electrical components


Lapham-Hickey’s knowledge of the metal industry is second to none as our expert engineers and skilled metallurgists design, develop and deliver reliable, durable products for the most challenging cold and hot rolled strip steel applications.

  • Deep understanding of steel market cycles
  • All locations conform to ISO standards to ensure you get the product you want every single time
  • Strong foundation of family ownership as Lapham-Hickey was established in 1926 and is now in the capable hands of a fourth generation


Lapham-Hickey provides outstanding customer service and the best technical support in the industry as our service centers are ranked as one of the top 30 in the nation. Our outstanding employees are dedicated and devoted to serve you each and every day.