• Lapham-Hickey Steel ventured into welding in 2007 to streamline the supply chain for our OEM customers. Since that time, we have added considerable resources to support a wide range of projects.

Crane Capabilities:

Under Hook Dimension:
  • 26’2” Maximum
  • Two cranes; both rated 20 ton lifting capacity

Welding Capabilities:

All welding staff is certified to the AWS D1.1 specification We offer:
  • MIG Welding - mild steel and aluminum
  • TIG Welding - stainless steel and aluminum
  • Subarc Welding - heavy plate thickness, max penetration, long runs of weld
  • Robotic welding

Miller PerformArc 1100SS

  • Twin headstock/tailstock positioners with 2200lb capacity each and 116” x 60” work envelopes
  • Twin Panasonic TA-1900 6 axis robotic arms
  • Twin Panasonic HMIII 500 amp power supplies w/water cooled torches
  • Bluco 28mm modular fixturing

Miller PerformArc 2200SS

  • Twin Robotic Arms
  • Twin 500 amp power supplies with water cooled guns
  • Ferris wheel style A & B rotating tables
  • 60" X 100" work cylinder
  • 1000 lb weldment capacity

Panasonic PA-1125

  • Single Arm
  • 350 amp power supply
  • Merry-go-round style A & B tables
  • 20" X 30" X 15" work envelope
  • 300lb weldment capacity
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Manual Welding
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